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My Recently Remembered Contact with a Russian FBI Informant 6/18/18
My critics have flipped because I only recently recalled a contact who was both a Russian and an FBI informant only in the country on a visa requested by the Miami office of the FBI saying his presence in the country served a "public benefit". The man who called himself Henry Greenberg is actually Gennady Vasilievich Vostretsov. A convicted violent felon who spent 10 years in prison and has been an FBI informant for 17 years.

Behold. 'Stone's Rules' Revealed In New Book! 5/7/18
Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 might as well be your birthday. For at long last, America's most notorious political operative is set to release his famed operating manual to you, the people.Stone's Rules: How To Win At Politics, Business, And Style. Rejoice and be glad in it...

'Russian Collusion Delusion': Roger Stone Blasts Mueller's 'Fairy Tale' Probe as Attempt to Hurt Trump 5/4/18
Veteran political consultant and onetime Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone ripped Robert Mueller and his probe into the president's alleged collusion with Russia.

Insider Exclusive: Roger Stone Blasts 'Bogus' CNBC Story, Another Distraction in Ongoing Witch Hunt 5/4/18
Yesterday, CNBC was on the attack with another one of their trademark bogus "sources tell us" stories. Their target this time was Trump confident and political strategist, Roger Stone.

Roger Stone intense focus of Mueller Probe says it is 'BullSchiff' 5/4/18
Friday, a well known political pundit was on Tucker Carlson, and referred to Congressman Adam Bennet Schiff (D-Mass) as "Bullschiff", for his ongoing congressional investigations into the Presidental campaign of Donald J. Trump and legal harrasment.

Attacks On Roger Stone Are Attacks On Us All 4/5/18
Roger Stone speaks his mind. Roger Stone is no-holds-barred. To some, he is the ruthless tactician and patriot who helped his longtime friend Donald Trump become President. To others, he is the Satan reincarnate who broke the political system and launched President Cheetoh into the Oval Office.

No Collusion, No 'Game Changer' - Just Lies 3/26/18
The Daily Beast is 100% Fake News.

'I didn't ask Sam Nunberg to protect me, I don't think I require any protection' 3/8/18
President Donald Trump's longtime friend, and political adviser Roger Stone, said he has not been contacted by special counsel Robert Mueller's team.

Stone Talks To Sean Hannity About Wikileaks Smear 3/8/18

Roger Stone Battles MSNBC's Chuck Todd Over Hillary Clinton And Wikileaks 3/6/18
Roger Stone unloaded on Hillary Clinton on MSNBC Tuesday.

Roger Stone 'pleased' Nunberg to cooperate with Russia probe 3/6/18
Roger Stone said on Tuesday he was "pleased" that Sam Nunberg, a former Trump campaign aide, had said he would cooperate with the federal probe into Russian election meddling after initially vowing to reject a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller.

Obama Admin's FISA 'Abuse of Power' Makes 'Watergate Look Like Small Potatoes' 3/6/18
Former aide to President Richard Nixon and veteran political consultant Roger Stone said repeated accusations against President Trump and his associates represent a "distraction" from the real breach of decorum in the Obama administration.

Roger Stone: Nunberg 'not speaking at my behest or direction' 3/6/18
"Sam Nunberg marches to his own drummer. He's not speaking at my behest or direction. He is clearly not shy about expressing his own views,"

Roger Stone Talks Nunberg, Praises Julian Assange as a 'Courageous Journalist' 3/6/18
A day after the media firestorm set off by Sam Nunberg, Roger Stone appeared on MSNBC to speak with Chuck Todd.

Roger Stone: I Don't Need Sam Nunberg's Protection 3/6/18
Political consultant Roger Stone, who at one time served as a campaign adviser for President Donald Trump, insisted Tuesday that he has nothing to hide when it comes to the Russia investigation -- nor does he need anyone's help.

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