By Roger Stone

Jack Davis
The only way the Democrats can win the Special Election in New York's 26th Congressional Election is by perpetrating a dirty trick. Jack Davis, three time Democratic nominee for this very seat has filed as a "Tea Party" candidate in a transparent effort to siphon off right-leaning and Republican votes. Republican Jane Corwin has both the Republican and Conservative Party nominations. I am very familiar with this maneuver As Ronald Reagan's campaign campaign director in New York in 1980, I arranged (through friends) to get the New York Liberal Party to nominate Independent John Anderson. Anderson and President Jimmy Carter split the liberal and Democratic vote and Reagan carried New York State with a plurality. Carter White House Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan wrote in his biography that they were stunned when the Liberals nominated Anderson and not Carter. I point out the Democrats gambit in NY-26 not to complain (Stone's Rule; never complain, never explain) but to educate those who might waste their vote on Davis and inadvertently elect liberal Democrat Kathy Hochul.