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By Roger Stone

Hillary Clinton says women on the college campuses who are sexually assaulted deserve to be believed. But what of those women like Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones as well as many others who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault and rape in addition to exposing himself? When confronted about this by a New Hampshire voter, Hillary gave us a clue as to how she intends to handle these troublesome women. “I would say that everyone should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence”.

Since there is no evidence whatsoever that any of the women who accuse Clinton of sexual misconduct are lying so Hillary’s henchmen David Brock intends to manufacture evidence to once again smear the women. Last week the rape deniers at Media Matters For America prompted the Clinton campaign to charge the Clinton sexual assault victim Kathleen Willey's mortgage had been paid by Republican Presidential contender Donald Trump. This information turns out to be incorrect.

Addressing this most recent smear Kathleen Willey who was groped by Bill Clinton in the Oval Office said “This morning both FOX and CNN reported that a Clinton spokesman said that Donald Trump had been helping me pay my mortgage payments in return for my going out and campaigning for him on the road. This is entirely untrue,” Some friends did set up a GO FUND ME account to help save my home from foreclosure. Although I strongly support Donald Trump he was not among the hundreds of donors and friends who are voluntarily helping me save my home for foreclosure” Willey said in the statement.

When many friends of Kathleen Willey a brave and courageous woman set up a GO FUND ME account to save her house I was told by a member of Trumps' staff that Trump had made a on-line contribution. I told Alex Jones this in an interview .I was incorrect, It turns out to be have never been made. Therefore the charge of Hillary Clinton’s campaign that Trump has ‘made Willey’s mortgage payments to get her to campaign’ is a lie. This is the same old Hillary tactic- attack the women.

With the publication of my book 'The Clinton's War on Women," I’ve been subject to a near hysterical smear campaign by George Soros financed front, Media Matters For America, apologists for the Clintons who actively seek to pressure and stifle those who tell the truth about the Clinton’s abuse of women or their corruption.

This is right out of Stone Rules “If you can refute the message then discredit the messenger”. I am, however, not a candidate for President and this is not about me. I am most certainly imperfect and have admitted to being a libertine as well as a Libertarian. I am a partisan.I have had a long career in the corrupted two-party system and have used my talents as an opposition researcher to document the stunning case of Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s various crimes. My book stands on it's own. Let the voters decide. The women overpowered, assaulted, raped and bitten by Bill and then bullied by Hillary are all more credible than the Former First Lady.

This is essentially the exact same tactic that Bill and Hillary used in the 1980s to discredit and disparage those brave women who have come forward to bear witness to the Clintons crimes against them. It is not incidental three separate victims would tell NBC,The Washington Post and Newsweek, Bill Clinton would bite the upper lips of his victims so hard they would bleed- a classic rapist disabling move that also says ,not so subtly, keep your mouth shut.

When Donald Trump accused Bill Clinton of rape and accused Hillary of abusing Bill's victims he made it clear that the main street media's attempt to make this issue about martial infidelity, or adultery or cheating or indiscretions will fail.

Great Performance by Bryan Cranston

By Roger Stone

Bryan Cranston’s performance in All The Way, the HBO adaption of the Broadway hit about President Lyndon Johnson is masterful, catching Johnson’s political acumen and strong-arm tactics and guile. Cranston told the New York Times Review of Books that my New York Times Bestseller, The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ was one of the books he wanted to read in preparation for the role. I gladly sent him a book.

In "The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ", I operate on the theory that Cui Bono – he who benefits must be examined - I use fingerprint evidence , eyewitness evidence and deep Texas politics to tie a hit man employed by Johnson to the Kennedy murder. I also reveal Johnson's role in other murders to cover-up his stunning greed and corruption. I also expose the crude, bigoted, explosive, ruthless, ambitious,sadistic, greedy,paranoid, pill-popping , drunk, womanizer and liar they called 'Lyin' Lyndon"

"All The Way", joins Bill O’Reilly’s "Killing Kennedy" in missing the many compelling facts that show LBJ killed JFK. Order "The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ" Now.

Ed RollinsThere is no doubt that Donald Trump will need help from SuperPACs this fall. Hillary Clinton and her well-funded SuperPAC allies are preparing to spend $1 Billion on the most vituperative, negative smear campaign on Republican nominee Donald Trump. The one place Trump should not look for help is from veteran Republican Operative Ed Rollins or his Great America PAC where he was hired by Jessie Benton who ran both Ron and Rand Paul's presidential campaign into the ground before getting convicted of bribing public officials in Iowa.

Rollins was largely a figurehead on Ronald Reagan’s 1984 Presidential campaign and has been a vocal longtime critic of Trump's. Even worse, Rollins track record is troubling – in the only successful election of his career (other than Reagan) when Christie Todd Whitman was elected Governor of New Jersey, Rollins ended up before a grand jury probing his tactics to suppress the black vote.

I worked for Rollins in the 1984 Reagan campaign and although I was not impressed with him, we had a cordial relationship and he let me do my job in the North Eastern states for Ronald Reagan. When Rollins published his ghostwritten biography with Thomas DeFrank, Bare Knuckles and Backrooms: My Life in American Politics, he savaged me in his book. Gloves off.

Ed’s habit of denigrating all of his clients attacking Christie Whitman, Michael Huffington, Mike Huckabee, Michelle Bachman, Katherine Harris and Bruce Bensen blaming them for his own failures is the most unprofessional act of a political consultant. It’s only a matter of time before Rollins is trashing Trump.

Those looking to help Trump should look elsewhere that the Great America PAC.


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