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Menendez-hookerThe contention that Senator Bob Menendez is being prosecuted on 18 counts of corruption because of his opposition to the Obama Administration on Iran, Cuba and Israel is a clever PR counter-punch but false.

Menendez came under the DOJ spotlight when murky accusations about his attending sex-parties with prostitutes at the Santa Domingo compound of a prominent and wealthy South Florida Eye Doctor Soloman Melgen. While three women later 'recanted" the accusations, the three were not the same women who made the original charge.The addresses on the sworn affidavits supplied to the local prosecutor for all three were vacant lots. No journalist ever interviewed the women "retracting" their charge. This sleight-of-hand was arranged by Vinicio "Vincho" Castillo, a political power-broker and fixer accused of falsifing documents in the. 1978 Dominican Presidential election, who is a cousin of Melgen. Who should call the press-conference-in which no woman showed up but a statement was released but Vinicio “Vinicito” Castillo Seman ,the son of Vincho who was also accused of attending the sex parties. The Washington Post bought the "retraction" hook line and sinker.

Gawker ran a piece that confirmed Menedez use of 'escorts" in DC. Cary Grant he is not.

The investigation into this Dominican charge however uncovered private but unreported plane trips that Menendez quickly reimbursed Melgen for - including a flight the day of the alledged sex party the Senator was alleged to have attend.Too late it turns out. The Miami Herald bored in on the Menendez efforts to pressure Medicare officials- .The Feds uncovered the web of corruption in which Menendez did favors for Melgen in return to unfettered access to his check-book and a shower of gifts. Menendez used his clout to obtain visas for a a parade of young girls to feed the married Melgen's appetite. The chances of Menendez being acquitted on all counts is zero.

Months ago a NBC reporter told me she had seen a letter from Menendez to the Justice Department accusing me of plotting his down-fall and working for Cuban Intelligence. The Senator accused me of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by not registering for representing the Cuban government. Please. I am a life long anti-communist who opposes the Obama Adminstration normalization of relations with Cuba. Menendez has been fashioning this fable for months and collected a cool million dollars in a legal defense fund. It's a fantasy.

He's guilty.

Busted Doctoring Nixon Tapes to Help John Dean

College professor Stanley Kutler, who filed the lawsuit which forced the release of Richard Nixon’s tapes and who published a book titled “Abuse of Power,” died last week. When the New York Times published an obituary of Kutler, who was 80, it chose to gloss over a serious breach of ethics which will always invalidate Kutler’s claim to being a historian and reveal him as a Nixon-hater and partisan.

Nixon-Dean“An independent historian, Peter Klingman, criticized the book, arguing that Professor Kutler had edited the tapes to present a more benign portrait of John W. Dean III, the president’s counsel,” The Times wrote. “But The American Historical Review rejected Mr. Klingman’s article, and Professor Kutler said any mistakes in the arduous process of transcribing the scratchy tapes were inadvertent. A number of other historians agreed that they were inconsequential.” The Times itself put the story on page one in 2009, but withered under establishment criticism of the story.

In fact, what Kutler did in February 1997 was far more egregious. Here’s how at Texas A&M historian Luke Nichter, co-author of “The Nixon Tapes 1971, 1972,” reported it:

Klingman accuses Kutler of knowingly conflating two tape transcripts from March 16, 1973, both of which contained discussions between President Nixon and Counsel to the President John Dean about managing the Watergate cover-up. Kutler did indeed append an excerpt from a morning conversation in the Oval Office to a transcript that begins with an excerpt from an entirely different telephone conversation from the evening of the same day. That fact is no longer in dispute, although it is unclear how or why Kutler conflated these conversations. Klingman argues, that as a result of Kutler’s conflation and selective editing, Dean appeared to be much less involved in the cover-up than he really was. Kutler actually combined two distinct conversations that occurred nine hours apart on March 16, 1973, in his book “Abuse of Power.”

Nichter continued:

In Abuse of Power, Kutler leaves out a critical Nixon/Dean conversation material from March 13, 17, and 20. All of these conversations, coincidentally or not, were devastating to Dean. They show that not only was Dean one of the original planners of the “intelligence operation” that led to the break-in, but that he hired Liddy in part because of Liddy’s successful break-in at the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist.

Fred Graboske, head of the Nixon Tape Project for the National Archives (NARA), writes:

To conflate 2 transcripts would require literal or electronic cutting and pasting. This is a deliberate act. Of course, one could imagine a scenario in which the physical pages of more than one transcript (say, those for March 16) were scattered on a desk and accidentally merged, despite the conversation identifiers and page numbering. However, I assume that the court reporters, who prepared the transcripts provided them in both electronic and physical format, so that a diligent author could check his work with the physical transcripts against the electronic form.

This “accident” scenario implies a level of sloppiness on the part of the researcher/author that casts a pall not only over the publication in question, but over the entire corpus of his work.

I choose to believe that of Dr. Kutler. He states in his forward that he is “ … aware of my responsibility for accuracy” and that “… there is no distortion of the thrust or intent of the passages.” The conflation of the two transcripts demonstrates that he failed in that responsibility.

As Graboske says:

By choosing to publish only portions of the Nixon/Dean conversations, Dr. Kutler asks us to trust his historical judgment on relative importance…the danger here is one of lack of context. To understand Nixon and his actions with regard to Watergate, these conversations should be seen in the context of other conversations he had on these topics, including those, which Dr. Kutler chose not to include, such as March 13. A portion selected for publication is torn from the context of the rest of the conversation. This is a problem inherent with such a “highlights of Watergate” book: the selections could be seen as agenda-driven.

The archivist also told the New York Times: “In the history profession, you never change the original evidence; Dr. Kutler has changed the original evidence. I spent 12 years listening to the tapes,” he said, contending that no one could mistake the evening and morning recordings as being part of the same conversation. “I don’t know why he did it, but what he did was deliberate.

Who should then come to Kutler’s defense in the Daily Beast but Kutler’s “good friend,” John Dean. Dean seeks to vilify anyone who questions his self-serving version of Watergate as a “conspiracy theorist” but says “I have no idea if Kutler conflated two transcripts.”

As I point out in my book Nixon’s Secrets, Dean repeats Kutler’s subterfuge in his new book, truncating or omitting conversations with Nixon on March 13, 17 and 20 that reveal him urging Nixon, his client, to commit perjury and then structuring the cover-up. He’s busted.

There’s more bad news for Dean. The aforementioned Luke Nichter and historian Douglas Brinkley, authors of “The Nixon Tapes 1971, 1972” will shortly publish a book of all the 1973 tape transcripts and Dean will not be shielded. Houston Lawyer Douglas Caddy, who worked in Dean’s White House office, has come forward in his upcoming autobiography to say Dean directed the pay-off to Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt.

The oral interviews conducted by Silent Coup author Len Colodny, who Dean tried to dismiss as “a retired liquor salesman turned Watergate buff” have been placed at Texas A&M University, where they will be available to scholars. All the major and minors figures of Watergate are interviewed.

These tapes include proof that a leg man for Dean, private investigator Tony Ulasewicz, cased out the Watergate six weeks before the break in. He was acting at Dean’s direction, proving Dean’s prior knowledge. Dean’s story wears thin, revealing him as The Watergate Weasel.

Stanley Kutler is dead and disgraced and John Dean is busted.

HillaryWith her Brooklyn campaign headquarters open, Hillary Clinton is running for president. However, Hillary’s imminent campaign will lack an agenda, platform or a vision for the country. This is by strategic choice.

In the same guise as Bush 41, when he visited New Hampshire during the 1992 GOP primary against Pat Buchanan and blurted out that his “Message: I care,” this past March at the Emily’s List 30 year gala, her first public appearance since the public learned of the private email scandal, Hillary blurted out her 2016 rationale as “(D)on’t you someday want to see a woman president?”

The woman card will certainly send some weak-kneed Republicans, who are still in shock after losing the last two presidential races to the first African-American president, into a panic. However, it shouldn’t.

If Hillary intends to build her campaign around an appeal to women, her campaign theme is on quicksand. But for Hillary to be defeated, Republicans must attack this perceived strength by educating the public to the plain truth: Hillary is a life-time abuser of women and her advocacy on women issues rings hollow. While core Democratic women will not be weaned from the former First Lady, a large percentage of younger independent women can be persuaded against her by the truth.

For instance, while Hillary gives lip service to pay equality, her Senate office paid women 72 cents on the dollar compared to men. Even worse, the median salary for women was less than $15,000 of the median salary for men.

The Clinton Foundation’s record is even worse. In 2013, eight of the top eleven most highly compensated individuals were men. The gender pay gap also widened every year during the period of 2011-2013; in 2011 women earned 77 percent of men’s income, in 2012 women earned 71 percent of men’s income and in 2013 women earned less than 65 percent of their male counterparts. Hillary often forgets that hypocrisy is not a virtue.

Meanwhile, the Clinton Foundation has pocketed millions of dollars from foreign Muslim regimes that oppress women. Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar and the Arab Emirates have funneled millions to the Clintons.

These countries all deny women the most basic of human rights: the right to an education, the right to drive a car, the right to choose her own husband – even the right to show her face. They condone caning and stoning women accused of adultery. Their cash is tainted with the blood of women abused, but Hillary’s foundation still accepts it. Hypocrisy anyone?

Then there is Hillary’s role in denigrating victims of Bill Clinton’s serial sexual abuse and authorizing heavy handed tactics to silence the victims of Bill’s assaults. Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Kathy Willey all alleged they were assaulted by Bill Clinton. Sometimes he just exposed himself and demanded oral sex.

Hillary “is the war on women, as far as I’m concerned, because with every woman that she’s found out about—and she made it a point to find out who every woman had been that’s crossed his path over the years—she’s orchestrated a terror campaign against every one of these women, including me,” said Willey.

Instead of outrage against her husband for being a sexual predator, Hillary repeatedly smeared and attacked Bill’s victims. Hillary called Monica Lewinsky, a “narcissistic looney toon” in private conversations with confidante Diane Blair. She called Gennifer Flowers “trailer trash.” Clinton rape victim Juanita Broaddrick said Hillary Clinton threatened her in person only two weeks after she was violated by Bill Clinton. Heavy handed California private detective Jack Palladino confirmed Hillary paid him as well as now-jailed PI Anthony Pellicano to silence Bill's victims.

Hillary’s strong handed tactics against abused women were not just used for Bill. When Sen. Bob Packwood was accused of sexual harassment by a group of women in 1993, Clinton told Blair she was “tired of all those whiney women and she needs (Packwood) on health care.” So much for sisterhood.

Unlike 2008, I expect many of Bill’s victims to speak during the 2016 cycle. Having already interviewed many of them, I can say all have been threatened and all pose a grave threat to Hillary’s ambitions. While swing female voters may not listen to crusty old white Republicans, perhaps they will listen to their terrorized sisters. As a result of Citizens United, the victims of Bill and Hillary’s many abuses can and will have wide reach and exposure.

Hillary was quick to denounce Senate Republicans for their inaction on a sex trafficking bill on Twitter only weeks ago. Yet she was not so fast to return the contribution of convicted pedophile and friend of Bill Jeffrey Epstein who was trafficking under-age girls to an A list of celebrities that may have include Bill Clinton himself.

The Clinton Foundation accepted $25,000 from Epstein after his conviction in Florida. She also took a 2008 campaign contribution from Ghislaine Maxwell who worked as Epstein’s pimp recruiting under -aged girls for their sexual abuse and trafficking enterprise. Maxwell got immunity in the controversial sealed non-prosecution agreement in which Epstein got a slap on the wrist. Now she works for a non-profit funded by the Clinton Foundation. Child trafficking anyone?

Hillary’s self-purported advocacy for women is a crock. While Bill sexually abused women over the years, Hillary followed these abuses with psychological abuses. The one-two Clinton punch. They key to defeating her is proving it to women voters.


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